Sports betting. Republic of Ireland v Bosnia and Herzegovina: Both Teams To Score

As it was predicted, the first match clearly demonstrated that “Irish” has an outstanding character. Moreover, the Irish fans can confidently perceive this draw as a victory: very important details, like Given, Long, Walters, O’Shea, were missing in the match in Zenica, and the iconic Robbie Keane sat on the bench throughout the match.

If before the first game of the Bosnians and the Irish, it was still possible to recall some detached things (for example, the history of relationships), now it will look somewhat out of place. In this case, of course, you need to watch some game episodes of the match in Zenica more and more.

Moreover, they really were , and gave the same betters the opportunity to reflect on the eve of the second match. For example, you can recall the moment in the 61st minute, when the recklessness of the Irish when taking out the ball from their own penalty almost cost them a goal (the guests were saved by Randolph, who Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. was able to fend off Lulich’s strike from close range). Or the episodes when Brady and Dzeko were hammered. It is immediately noticed here that the defenders in both cases were not able to fully understand the game episodes. In the first case, Shunich, familiar to the Ukrainian fans, “distinguished himself”, who did not manage to prevent the Irish midfielder from delivering a decisive blow, and in the second, the central defense of the guests made a positional mistake, momentarily giving the Bosnian star operational space. What was extremely undesirable to do, because Edin is the master of criminal courts.

Therefore, if you bet on the upcoming match in Dublin, then you need to take into account all the facts mentioned. There is such an assumption that open football will be observed at Aviv: guests need to score an away goal, and the Irish simply do not play number two at home. The bookmaker also understands this , which position “both teams will score a goal” was highlighted with a very attractive odds of 2.10.